About Andrei Crudu

Andrei Crudu has developed a passion for leadership and good management practices after working with diverse teams across the globe, having the pleasure of leading teams onsite and also distributed around the world. Both situations pose interesting challenges, unique in their own way.

“Truly motivating people to do good work, especially highly technical, highly skilled workers is the challenge of the 21st century.”  – Andrei Crudu

With a wealth of experience in varied domains – everything from FMCG, importing/exporting all the way to marketing and software development – Andrei has been involved in all sorts of leadership situations requiring different skills due to the qualification of the employees forming the teams.

Having worked and lead employees without any technical skills and highly technical employees, he has this to say:

Working with smart, highly educated people is always a pleasure… as long as you know how to relate to them as humans and professionals.” – Andrei Crudu

During his professional career, Andrei remarked an amazing lack of humain leadership when it comes to highly technical people. Most managers have a hard time understanding and leading techies. In fact techies have the hardest time leading other techies.

With that in mind, Andrei Crudu decided to start TechieLeadership.com – a corner on the internet that is dedicated to discussing and revealing best practices on leading, motivating and inspiring techies so as to get the best performance out of them while treating them as human beings.

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