How We Learned To Lead Technical People The Right Way

During my career, working as a professional in software development companies, I’ve had the opportunity to work through all the major positions on the corporate ladder: from a junior software engineer, to senior, to technical leader… all the way to CTO and then COO at a software outsourcing company where I managed 80+ people day in and day out.

My co-host, Bogdan, started out as a law consultant as a profession and underwent a career change to software development. He went from junior developer to head of department in a couple of years. And he still dabbles a little with the law.

Plus our previous experience as leaders in the family business, a growing FMCG company, helped us better understand the differences involved in managing technical people. Still there is something to be learned from less technical companies which can be applied successfully. And with little tweaks they work really well. But without any little tweaks most of the common strategies fail miserably… trust me… I know how hard it can bomb.

You might say that due to our background we have a 360 degrees point of view on what leadership is and what works “on the frontlines”… especially in tech companies.

Techies are fascinating people, capable of surpassing your expectations and seemingly doing the impossible under the right leadership. The keyword here is right. The leaders play a way more crucial role when working with techies than in any other situation. And it needs to be just the right kind of leadership.

With a combined experience of 37 years of leading people so as to get the desired business goals, Andrei and Bogdan are sharing only “battle tested” leadership strategies. See you on the Techie Leadership Show.