About Us

We help managers of technical people and the owners of tech companies become better leaders by sharing our hard learned lessons plus by interviewing top tech thought leaders.

The Crudu brothers have worked in software companies across Europe and also in North America, holding positions which ranged from team leader all the way to head of department, CTO and even COO.

During their experience of working with various size companies across different cultures, always the same constant was present: the techies were never managed as they deserved or in a way that facilitated their productivity and fueled them with motivation.

What you can say is that most technical employees are stifled and constrained in their jobs… and not because management wants that… but because they don’t know a better way of doing it. 

In fact, the old factory style leadership is causing deep productivity problems and high turnover inside most tech companies.

That’s the reason Techie Leadership was born: to help the techie leaders of the future embrace a more natural and helpful leadership style… one that empowers the most scarce and important resource of growing companies – its techie employees.

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