Biggest software IPO in history – with Kent Graziano – 076

In this episode you can hear Kent Graziano, Bogdan Crudu and Andrei Crudu talk about how two french guys launched the largest software IPO in history in only 8 years, focusing on your customers business and setting company values as the foundation of its culture.

Some value points you can expect:

  • Using agile principles on big data and data centers
  • Why the best way to learn is to teach
  • Why the best way to teach is to speak at conferences
  • How to play on your teammates strengths

Book Recommendations:

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

Has Authored:

Super Charge Your Data Warehouse: Invaluable Data Modeling Rules to Implement Your Data Vault

An Introduction to Agile Data Engineering Using Data Vault 2.0: Better Data Modeling

The Data Model Resource Book: A Library of Logical Data Models and Data Warehouse Designs

Oracle Designer: A Template for Developing An Enterprise Standards Document 

A Check List for Doing Data Model Design Reviews 

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