How a leader works solely for the benefit of his team – with Nedjalko Milenkov – 086

In this episode you can hear Nedjalko Milenkov, Bogdan Crudu and Andrei Crudu talk about the joy of watching people grow, how your job is kind of like a second life, how to make your team feel appreciated and so much more.

Some value points you can expect:

  • The difference in learning programming between now and pre internet times
  • The joy of watching people grow
  • Your career is kind of like your second life
  • People who job swap purely for money usually fall into 3 categories
  • How to keep your top performers
  • Ask your employees “do you us to look for a new client for you?”
  • Making your people feel appreciated
  • Anybody can start doubting themselves. A leader has to paint a clear vision for his team
  • A manager must identify the areas where an employee needs work and make suggestions
  • People feel rewarded when clearing hard tasks

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