The difference between statistically meaningful and practically meaningful with Boris Gorelik – 009

In this episode you can hear Boris Gorelik and Andrei talk about

The academic side of data science, how companies sometimes change results to better fit their image and the obvious but often miss looked fact that the things you know are unknown to others.

  • Insights for leadership from a Data Scientist;
  • Academic views on leadership;
  • Managing people isn’t for everyone;
  • Lessons from a practical approach;
  • Data Science is predominantly about data cleaning;
  • The difference between statistically meaningful and practically meaningful;
  • How sometimes companies tweak results to match expectations;
  • Bad managers make you appreciate the good managers;
  • Giving credit, being decent and not cheating;
  • All good teamwork starts with effective communication;
  • You don’t know that the stuff that you know is unknown to others;

Book recommendations

Trees, Maps, and Theorems Effective Communication for Rational Minds

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