You might be winning when you think you are loosing – with Mikael Fredholm – 082

In this episode you can hear Mikael Fredholm, Bogdan Crudu and Andrei Crudu talk about how great opportunities are all around us so long as we are open to the and pay attention, how keeping an open mind is the best attitude for solving confusing situations and why you need to empower people to be able to do the best job possible.

Some value points you can expect:

  • Great opportunities are all around, so long as you are open to them
  • Being open to opportunities can help you overcome confusions
  • As a leader you are serving the people you are leading
  • Your experience as a leader is a never ending series of alternating failures, successes and everything in between
  • Empowering people so they can do the best job they can

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: 30th Anniversary Edition

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