Always strive to inspire equals

The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. – Ralph Nader

The human animal is a social animal by definition. All of our great achievements have always been accomplished through the collective work and individual strife of teams of people. Even when they were not part of an official collaboration, one man’s work builds up on another. 

News media always paints great stories of success as hinging on the work and dedication of one man in particular. They make him or her shine through like the northern star, brighter than all the rest. But great success has been and always will be the result of great collaboration and teamwork. 

But a leader can never ever truly lead unless he is in the command of other leaders. And great leaders always strive to inspire the same qualities necessary for leadership onto those that they commend.

Have you ever found yourself lonely? Loneliness is harsh and oftentimes hard on us, even when we ourselves seek it out. But the harshest form of loneliness I’ve found is the loneliness one can feel while he is surrounded by people but have no kindred spirit in sight.

The quest to find and surround oneself with worthwhile individuals is the most noble and rewarding activity one can engage in. And lifting up one’s fellow man so that he can eventually lift you up in return is the mark of a life well lived.

We only ever truly compete with just ourselves. Every day a work in progress so that the present efforts will elevate our future selves over out past condition.  


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