Have the right tools for the right job

Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better. – Bill Bradley

How well would you be able to cut down a tree with a scalpel. How well would a surgeon do if asked to work with a axe. Now both of these tasks can be done with the tools mentioned, albeit very difficult and with decreased chance of success. So why would someone decide to perform surgery with an axe, or cut down a tree with a scalpel? Sounds ludicrous. 

It’s not more ludicrous than how a lot of CEO’s and managers out there misuse their human resources. 

People have innate tendencies for specific tasks. You wouldn’t judge a fish based on it’s capacity to climb a tree no more than you would judge a salesman’s worth based on his capacity to code.

The key is to discover and unlock your people’s potential. Afterwards, work with them to align their strengths with the requirements of the business. And as they play more to theirs strengths the more they will grow professionally. And the more they grow professionally the more loyalty they will have for you, on top of bringing in more and more profits. It’s a virtuous circle.  


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