Having a leadership position entails responsibility, not privilege

Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility. – Peter F. Drucker

The only privileged position in any powerful organization is an honorary position, yet even that still implies a certain level of responsibility regarding personal conduct so as to not smear the reputation of the conferring body. 

Simply put, no coveted position implies total lack of responsibility or 100% privilege. Life is more of a mix and match kind of deal, and so is business. The higher up you go, the farther you can fall. If left at that it woud be well and good, but the part often left out is that the further up you go the more people are tethered to you. If you’ve ever gone rock climbing, your rope is your lifeline, your partner’s life is in your hands and vice versa

To put it as simply as possible, since you cannot achieve success in a timely manner all on your own, all those helpers along the way are in some way or another your rock climbing partners, and you are in some part responsible for their livelihood. And that responsibility, if left uncheck, will eat out at you drop by drop until a hole is dug through. 

Just remember that to have control you not only have to be in control but also take responsibility for both your actions and your companions. You’ll be fine


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