Having and attracting the right people is a key factor for prosperity

A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 

People follow greatness, and greatness inspires people. Now, not all greatness is visible nor does it have to be wide arching and impact society in a transcendent fashion. You could simply be the greatest leader of a small niche field and still those involved in your domain would flock to you, if given the chance.

Being a rounded human being that has and strives for success in both his field of action and in interpersonal interactions is where it’s at.

It goes back to having and getting respect. Being a respected person of your business community is the beacon of hope that attracts other worthwhile people underneath your sphere of influence. It is how you not only get more and more great people fighting for your cause, but it is also the fabric that holds all of them together.



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