How not to fall asleep at the wheel

If you fail to offer yourself for leadership then accept the blind man who is leading you. – Fenley Douglas

Life is like a train ride. It starts at birth and death is simply put “the end of the line”. During that ride people will get on and off at different intervals, but make no mistake, no other person can ever spend as much time on it as you. You are the conductor of your life.

Since nobody else will ever spend as much time with you then you just need to accept that no matter how well meaning, kind hearted or even skillful another person is, that person will not be able to “hold your hand for life”. 

Some of the things, and I would argue the most important things in life, can and only ever be decided by you. And to ensure that you do make the best decisions you need to come to terms with the fact that you “are the leader of your life” just like each and every one of us.

Now how good a leader depends on luck, work and experience. But all those things can mean absolutely nothing if you are blind to the fact that “it’s up to you to do it”. 

If you cannot make peace with that truth of life, then you will be the blind leader of your own path or the one who fell asleep at the wheel.


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