How to answer the hard questions

The manager asks how and when. The leader asks what and why. – Warren G. Bennis

Organizational skills are paramount. Being able to keep a good overview over the entire picture is not only necessary but crucial to success in any organization. But these are important things that can be delegated, because these are things that can be verified.

All things that can be verified can be delegated, but that also means that all the great things that make a leader strong cannot.

You can no more verify tomorrow like you cannot see the future. A leader is the one that has to ask unanswerable questions and then must find the answers to them. He is the one that must ask what needs to be done and verify why one approach is correct where many are wrong. He must also ask why it is needed to do or not do something and then prove it true.

All things that cannot be verified beforehand are things that must be decided upon by the leader, the strength of the organization. And it is this precise responsibility – that can make or break someone – that springs the authority to command. 


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