How to dream successfully

 A true dreamer is one who knows how to navigate in the dark. – John Paul Warren

If you think about all the people who have historically been called dreamers, they were the ones who went against the mainstream opinion and “laid their own track” so to speak. But to be able to go your own way, on your own path that implies going against common trends or even as far as doing something totally new in the industry. And the more new the experience you are going through, the more in the dark you will be.

So being able to “navigate in the dark” or more simply put, function properly with little to no information is crucial for success.

The unorthodox approach is a gamble in and of itself, so success will most surely reap a massive reward, it’s just that the chance of failure is also present.

The only true and proven way to manage such challenging tasks is to have experience, and to have experience you have to get out of your comfort zone and “do things”. So start small and build up and adjust your approach over time. Try not to “bite off more than you can choose and you’ll be fine. 


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