It’s what you do that makes you who you are

Leadership is action, not position.  ~Donald H. McGannon

Leaders are made, they are not born. You’ve probably heard this before. And the reason this holds true is because of a so called “rite of passage”. All true leaders have the scars of their ascension as proof of their commitment to the field of leadership and of their experience in tackling all the necessary challenges for success.

All good leaders have had their “walkabout” and have returned from it changed, yet more determined. But this, like all great journeys, requires action. And every great journey begins with just one step.

And on that great path of life, every day is just one step after another with significant milestones scattered throughout. 

It all hinges on one thing. Action. Being a man of action and taking life head on so as to live it to the fullest is what it’s all about. 

And a leader can never lead in the absence of others. No great leader is a lone wolf, but the pack can only ever gauge its leaders competency through the actions, and not reactions, it makes. 

The world is full of tales of rags to riches, but the reverse hold also true. So many stories of riches to rags. And more often than not it tells the tale of someone born into a position of leadership and authority who lacked the necessary actions to grow and shine. 

And the people around you can only ever read you based on the actions you make, the commitment under pressure, the focus you show. 

So take not pleasure purely in the position you hold. And if you have it not but desire it still, take not recluse in the thought that one day you will have the titulature of leader. For but then does the real challenge begin. And each and every action you take will make or break you.


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