Lead first and manage afterwards

Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing. – Tom Peters

A good manager is easy enough to spot. They have it all in order, the paperwork is flawless and on time, everybody has their workstations in working conditions, supplies are plentiful and on time, the whole office is streamlined to the point that everything is in place and in proper order.

Yet oftentimes you hear talks about such managers that they “don’t fit the bill” or “are missing something crucial”. That something that most can spot but can never truly put their finger on is leadership. 

A piece of software that handles all your routines might be the best example of a perfectly streamlined ecosystem, yet software can never lead you. It can’t encourage nor nurture you through your hardships nor share in the satisfaction of success. It’s just that – perfect management of day to day operations.

It takes a human being, a leader to power though the work with you, to share his experience and mentor you, to nurture your growth and enhance your experience so that you too can give 100%, 110% and be on point, and enjoy what you do. And last but not least, nurture others yourself. 

In today’s software driven and strategy focused world, the necessity of leaders and leader figures is oh so more important than ever before. For a leader is the only one that you can honestly and truly believe when they tell you that you’re doing great. For only a leader shares the same experience and expectations as you and is worthy of your professional and dare I say personal respect. 


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