No guts, no glory

Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.  ~Robert Jarvik

The title of leader is only ever bestowed retroactively. You cannot be a leader first and do the tasks of a leader second, the order is always the other way around. And the reason behind this is all the risk involved in having initiative and leading people, businesses, industry. 

And the risks involved are ever apparent to most of us. We are all aware of the level of “skin in the game” necessary for success. And it’s this precise knowledge that leads to “paralysis through analysis”. 

It’s this precise knowledge and the fear of failure that impedes most of us from ever achieving greatness. Which brings us back to the “bare bottom” unavoidable truth of the matter – “No guts, no glory”. 

It’s this exact “fearlessness in the face of all odds” that takes a man and molds him into a leader of men.

Having the guts to risk limb to achieve greatness is what it’s all about. And it makes sense. None of us are all-knowing, and since we can never be all-knowing, we can never have access to – or analyze – all the factors involved in making a play. Since we can never know everything, going with our “gut feeling” and taking a modicum of risk can payoff manyfold. 

And success is what attracts others to us, and makes them willing to work for us and push us upwards, further and further so that we too may pull them up with us. 



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