Share in the pleasure, but never the pain

Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others. – Robert Louis Stevenson

Someone once told me that the source of all problems we face is birth. I thought about that for years and then in dawned at me. What he was trying to say is that having and facing problems is a natural facet of living, as normal and as necessary as breathing itself. 

All people have problems. There is not one person walking this earth that does not face at least one issue or hurdle so to speak. But most people tend to project a sort of success. They put their “game face on” and mask as much of their personal issues as possible. And if you think back on your past experiences with people it does makes sense. No one likes a negative person that constantly nags or complains.

We have our own issues to deal with, please do not add your next to mine by unloading on me.

That’s why we keep close to people who make us feel good and are generally “positive” and shy away from “negative” people.

So keep this in mind and never unload onto your people the issues, problems or fears that you have. 

If the person in question does not need to know the details of the problem you are facing, then it’s best you “leave sleeping dogs lie” and not further burden their minds with things they need not know off.

But always make it a point to share in the successes, the pleasures of life, even the smallest of wins. And when I say you should share them, I mean not that you should brag about how great and successful you are. Make them out as team successes, as the “small pleasures of successful team effort”. 

Do this and you will find yourself surrounded by people who will “bleed for you” if necessary, real troopers.


constructive bahavior

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