The one mindset trick you need to experience

The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow. – Seth Godin

Conviction is contagious. Having and working in close quarters with a confident person who has true and lasting conviction in his work is contagious. Do that and it will rub off on you. Conviction spreads from one person to as many people as you come in contact with, given enough time to do so.

So what does that mean for you? 

The route most described to you is to do the things you believe in and somehow this will lead you on the path to great success. And it does, occasionally.

Being able to be inspired by the work you do and have 100% conviction in it is truly a wonderful thing, but there is a caveat in that. How many of the things you believe in can make you money? 

But fear not, there is a safeguard. You could even think of this as a “cheat” if such things can even exist in life.

It’s simple. You have to believe in the things you do.

Wait what? Isn’t that just the same thing? 

No, it is not. I didn’t say that you should do only what you believe in. That restricts your choices in life, and having choices is having freedom.

What I said is “believe in the things you do”. You can even start with what you’re already doing at the exact same spot you are right now.

The only thing you need to change is that you start “believing in what you are already doing”. And this is a mind shift exercise. You have to do this daily and you have to even meditate on it. Focus on the things that make your work worthwhile – if not for you at least for people at large. Focus on the merits of the work and think about them daily. Especially when you are struggling.

Do this for 90 days. Slowly but surely you will notice that you will have more respect for the work you do which will give you more professional self respect. You’ll find yourself one day being and acting more confident and this will spread. And it’s this exact conviction and confidence that will spearhead you on your leadership path. You’ll do fine.  


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