The one thought you can’t avoid if you yearn for success

The condition of leadership adds new degrees of solitariness to the basic solitude of mankind. Every order that we issue increases the extent to which we are alone, and every show of deference which is extended to us separates us from our fellows. – Thornton Wilder

You can have friends or you can have team mates. There is a certain degree of separation that exists between people in the workplace, and that separation is exacerbated when authority comes into play. 

It is a lonely place at the top. It’s not only lonely because of what success does, and because how that success influences how he people you come in contact with interact with you. And that is just a sample of what you get after you hit it big. But before that happens, you’ll have to deal with how people think about you now.

You are in a position to make or break other people’s careers. When you are the person who can derail others lives and livelihood, and they know that, it affects how you work and how others work with you. 

You will have to come to terms with this type of solitude. You might just not be cut out for it, and this isn’t me passing judgement on you. If you go into this unprepared you might just find yourself trotting on a path of perpetual unhappiness. So like it or not, you need to make peace with this type of solitude. You’ll do fine.


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