Visibility in action and action in leadership

Example is not the main thing in influencing others.  It is the only thing.  ~Albert Schweitzer

There is a very high chance that you have either participated in or at least witnessed the playing of a “trust game” in some form or another as part of some corporate team building effort. You know the kind, like the one where one person standing on a chair falls backwards with just the promise that two colleagues will catch them so as to avoid bodily harm at worst or simply humiliation at best. 

Although silly – and oftentimes misguided – the whole point of the exercise is to generate trust. Because trust is the basis of any successful corporate relationship. 

You start with honesty. If you have honest exchanges and honest behavior this in turn will lead to trust forming between you and your team. And by working with trust and successfully going through more and more challenges together this leads to respect. And respect is the thing that you want to achieve. 

But the only way to start is to lead by example. You have to encompass the attitude and behaviors you yourself expect from your team. 

You can think of this as having good rapport with each other. The example you yourself set as the basis or foundation with your team will enable you to better lead those who are abled and better prune those who are unwilling or unable to commit to the necessary level of excellence needed to succeed in business. 

So lead by example. Have an honest attitude so that you can generate trust which in turn will lead to respect. The rest will come much easier.


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