What bus drivers and business leaders have in common

A leader should demonstrate his thoughts and opinions through his actions, not through his words. –  Jack Weatherford 

Hypocrites. Every last person on Earth hates and distrusts hypocrites. But what is a hypocrite?

Well, more often than not, they are a person who says and promotes one thing while doing the exact opposite. But that is not the most often example of a hypocrite.

The most often type of hypocrite is one who pushes you on a path that they themselves would never tread on, whiles reassuring you that “it’s for the best” and “you’ll thank me later”. 

A leader must always be willing to tread the path that his team is trending on. The only acceptable reason why he does not do so is because it isn’t feasible for him to do everything himself. 

You must be transparent in action with your people. You yourself need to “open the path forward” and “lead your team through the door”. 

If people have confidence in your actions they have confidence in your orders. And when people have confidence in your orders they tend to follow through with them, which leads to growth, which leads to profits. 

A business owner and leader is like a buss driver. He goes along with you but doesn’t make your stops. A leader pushes you forward but does not do your work for you. You’ll do fine.


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