What is the certainty of self destruction

When you don’t see nothing wrong in anything you do, then you are doing everything wrong. – Richmond Akhigbe

The worse and most gruesome tragedies in history have never ever occurred out of mistake, they have only ever occurred out of certainty. Someone or some group of people where so certain of what they were doing that even the thought of a mishap never ever crossed their minds. Even after the chips have fallen they will still stand there dumbfounded and incredulous of what happened.

The only certainty in life is lack of certainty. I don’t care how cool or calm the people you look up to act, deep down they are all having an internal struggle. Doubt, self-doubt, anxiety, checking and rechecking, these are all things that pass through each and every one of our minds each and every time we make a bigger decision.

The only difference in scale of doubt is caused by level of experience. The more experienced we are with something, the less doubt we have doing it, but some doubt will still remain.

Can you remember when you first got your driving license? I do. I was a self doubting wreck internally, especially my first two months driving. I second guessed, double checked and self doubted my every move. I was very cramped in style, to put it lightly.

Over the years and 200.000 miles later, driving is second nature. Manual transmission, automatic transmission, sport car, off-road or van it makes no difference to me. I can drive anything and focus on anything else while doing it perfectly. But sometimes I still feel a tinge of doubt.

Sometimes a doubt that I can pass a car in safety, or manage a corner at a certain speed. And it’s precisely because of these doubts that I am still alive today. 

So don’t worry about worrying. Everyone worries about the things they do, and it’s the main reason we are all still live and kicking. You’ll do fine.


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