You can talk about solutions or you can nag about problems

Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.  – Brian Tracy

Problems are unavoidable. They are as ubiquitous as people, which makes sense because all problems are just issues that one or more people have.

Now I can tell you that since problems are ever present only solutions matter, since having and implementing a working solution is what success is all about but I won’t.

I will not speak to your adult and make a compelling logical argument for being solution focused. Instead I will speak to your inner child and make an emotional argument. 

Everybody’s got problems, but it always seems like some people have more, if not all the problems of the world. And these people have something else in common… they’re annoying as hell. 

The only reason you ever know about their problems in the first place is that they constantly nag about them.

There is a fine line between sharing in your problems because you are asking for help and sharing in your problems because you are asking for attention.

And for a lot of people it’s simply that. Asking for attention and worse still, using the problem as justification for why they are doing, not not doing something. 

So don’t nag, don’t cry for attention and don’t overload on the people beside you. Focus on the solutions for the problems you face, and once solved never bring them up except as “training material”.


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